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The gap

For operators, pursuing sustainable and profitable growth is one of the most vexing challenges.  Many small and medium enterprises with high-growth potential have stumbled and failed at scaling their organizational and business models, escaping saturated, mature markets or raising capital.  For investors, finding high-growth SME's is troublesome.  Finding great investment opportunities in this space is rare and inconsistent.

Our solution

As a search fund accelerator, we are not in the business of predicting the future.  It's all about allocating the right pieces, right.  We have a portfolio of healthy SME's with proven financial robustness, operating in high growth industries and with a wide productivity gap that can be closed with engineered innovation, a smart investment and great management.  We also have a strong talent pool with the vast managerial experience of at least 5 years of skills and knowledge to successfully manage and scale businesses.  

Our principles

  • A relentless pursuit of long-term competitiveness.

  • Research-focused methodologies.

  • Unique market-tested frameworks.

  • A passionate team with an insurgent mindset.

  • Detailed-orientes process to achieve excellence. 

Bring your company into the future.

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